Argan Oil (argania spinosa)

Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. It comes from the fruit of the argan tree, which grows in the desert valleys of southwest Morocco. This precious oil is highly sought after for its incredibly dense constitution of Vitamin E, amino acids and other rich antioxidants.  

It is proven to help restore elasticity, neutralize free radicals, protect against damaging environmental factors, fight acne, smooth fine lines, fade scars and just generally contribute that to that bright, supple skin that we all seek.

Beyond skincare, argan oil helps smooth dry, damaged hair, is the perfect gloss to help set styled hair, and is even wonderful for your nails and cuticles. 

Not all argan oil is created equally!

Over 75% of argan oil sold on the market is counterfeit and/or diluted with cheaper oils. Our argan oil is 100% pure and organic, sourced directly from the UNESCO biosphere reserve of southwest Morocco. We did our homework  –  Laniakea argan oil is simply the best in the galaxy - and perfect for your gorgeous face.

  • Our oil is 100% pure with zero additives, deodorants or impurities. Our oil is traceable literally back to the exact tree that your bottle came from.

  • It takes approximately 15 hours and 30kg of fruit to produce a single litre of Laniakea argan oil, completed primarily by the skilled hands of local women.

  • Ethical employment and environmental sustainability are key to our company. We compensate our local producers fairly, and we strive to be a sustainable part of the ecosystem by utilizing all parts of the argan fruit.

  • We have strict European standard controls and hygiene procedures in place throughout our value chain.

  • You’ll notice we keep our oil in dark bottles to protect it from light to avoid harmful oxidation.